ROLE: Senior Project Manager
FAVORITE SAYINGS: “Another big day in paradise”
AKA: Suppaman
LOVES: Fast cars, fine clothes and his dog Rosco
CANNOT STAND: The lack of common courtesy towards each other
FOUND IN HIS SPARE TIME: with a good cigar relaxing, and organizing his extensive CD collection

CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT: Peace of Mind & his Elton John Collection
QUALIFICATIONS: With a background in architectural design, Bruno has over 30 years experience in the condo industry. Prior to establishing Corpland Construction in 1994, Bruno worked for various architectural firms and condominium developers in project management, where he oversaw projects up to 150 million dollars. He currently sits on the Executive Associate Committee of ACMO (Association of Condo Managers of Ontario) where he has been a member for the last 15 years. In 2008 he received the honor of the President’s Award from Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario. He has also sat on the conference committee for CCI (Canadian Condominium Institute). Bruno is truly inspired by architecture and enjoys the challenge of incorporating its aspects into daily condo living.
RULE TO LIVE BY: If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view and see things from that person’s angle as well as from your own.


ROLE: Business Development Manager
FAVORITE SAYING: “It’s amazing what you’ll hear when you take the time to listen”
AKA: Suzie Q, B squared
LOVES: Good wine, good food, traveling anywhere there is sun and the sea.
CANNOT STAND: Anything messy, people who start something and don’t finish it, confined small spaces.

FOUND IN HER SPARE TIME: Cooking & enjoying the company of family & friends, she is inspired by the purity of beautiful things.
CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT: Her camera, a French manicure and music.
QUALIFICATIONS: Suzie has more than 26 years of Sales & Customer Service experience; she has a gift for combining creative consulting with logistical balancing and following everything through to create a lasting impression. Her middle name is “follow up”! Her views and beliefs are simple… you get out what you put into something, therefore prioritizing and strategizing are her strong points. She has the ability to listen and interpret what a client is actually looking for therefore making her an important member of our sales and design team.


ROLE: Marketing Development
FAVORITE SAYINGS: “If you’re going to be two-faced, at least make one of them pretty.”
AKA: Albear, Lexi
LOVES: Art/photography, painting, her dog Irie.
CANNOT STAND: Traffic and line ups.
FOUND IN HER SPARE TIME: Shopping, working out, or watching her favorite series.

CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT: Good company, and loud laughter.
QUALIFICATIONS: Alex has studied Human Resource Management and Marketing at York university.


ROLE: Marketing & Sales
AKA: Suppastar
LOVES: Football, Poker, & Travelling
CANNOT STAND: Cold Weather & Rude People.
FOUND IN HER SPARE TIME: Feet up relaxing, Enjoying the beautiful city of Toronto, spending time with family members and friends.

CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT: Music & Good Italian Food.
QUALIFICATIONS: Anthony has successful achieved a marketing degree. Anthony has a great understanding of Marketing & Sale with over +5 years of experience in Marketing & Direct Sales. Anthony is well versed in all aspects of marketing and specializes in Digital & Direct Marketing.