Before You Sell

Before Selling… Things to do:

If you are ready to sell your condo, here are a few tips on how to make your place more appealing to buyers, as well as maximizing your return.

Remove and Repair

  • Repair walls that have scratches, knicks, marks and paint drips, or peeling wall coverings.
  • Remove outdated wall coverings and borders.
  • Repair scratched or sticking doors.
  • Repair cracked tiles.
  • Repair damaged counter tops.
  • Repair closet shelving and sliding doors.

Clean and De-clutter

  • De-clutter your closet space. Buyers want to be sure they have sufficient space for their possessions. If possible install additional shelving for added value.
  • Be sure to simplify room functions. E.g. avoid having office furniture or gym equipment in a bedroom setting. Keep furnishings simple.
  • Clean all lower cabinets, blinds and baseboards.
  • Speak to your management company about refreshing your front door frame and threshold.

No Animals

  • Remove all evidence of pets including litter boxes, fur, and odour.

Before Selling


  • Paint! It’s one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to spruce up your condo for buyers. Fact: Statistics show that a fresh coat of paint is proven to increase the seller’s return of investment by 29 %.
  • Tip: Neutralize all existing bold colors to cater to a wider range of individuals.
  • Replace heavy window coverings with delicate styles optimizing natural light allowance in your condo.
  • Replace worn down carpet or flooring. Fact: Statistics show that flooring updates are proven to increase the seller’s return of investment by 22%.
  • Replace kitchen and bathroom hardware with updated, modern styles. Fact: Statistics show that bathroom updates are proven to increase the seller’s return of investment by 56%.
  • Replace basic laminate counter tops with granite. Fact: Statistics show that kitchen updates are proven to increase the seller’s return of investment by 44%.
  • Replace burnt out light bulbs, and update outdated fixtures.
  • Add elegance to your unit. Apply/install crown molding, or new trim around doors and baseboards.
  • Install a peep hole as an added security feature for your unit.
  • Consider replacing tarnished door handles.

Final Thoughts

The idea when preparing your suite for potential buyers is to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Don’t be home during the open house; the buyer must be able to picture the lifestyle they want in your home.

Try to stage your suite for the surrounding demographics of your building. Statistics show that buyers tend to relocate within their existing neighbourhood.

A general rule of thumb for sellers is to invest approximately 1% of the unit’s selling price towards repairing and updating your unit for maximum results.